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Monopolie is a clone of the famous board game Monopoly for Windows
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Monopolie is a clone of the famous board game Monopoly for Windows. The objective of the game, in short, is to have more money than the opponent by the time the game ends. This is done by being the best investor that you can be. You roll the dice (the computer actually does that for you and returns a random value), and you move on the board accordingly. Depending on where you fall, you'll be able to buy or sell property. Just like the game, you can buy houses and hotels, and you can rent them. The game determines when it is that you can sell and how much you get for each of your properties. Playing Monopoly on the computer has various advantages. For example, you let the computer do all the math, so no discussions will arise from that. Also, you don't have to keep control of your position on the board, so there's no cheating there. On the downside, it isn't as fun to play it on the computer as it is with a lot of friends on the table. Still, for hard-core fans, the game should still prove very pleasant.

José Fernández
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  • No math involved, computer takes care of it
  • Easy to play


  • It is just not the same to play this on a computer. No disadvantages in the application itself, though
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